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So much general information can be found on the internet about Kefalonia that there is little point in this website trying to cover it all on this page. A quick internet search will do that more comprehensively. The creators of this website started coming to the island about  25 years ago. We first came to Lixouri on the Paliki side of the island and on arrival I was seen to be staring around me wondering what the hell we were doing in such a place, and then day by day this first impression changed and after a two week stay we were totally enchanted by the experience and what the island offered in terms of being such a special part of Greece and its people.
So much so, that it changed our view on life, and like so many who fly out from Argostoli, on their way home, we felt that we were leaving a new home. It was an experience to make us examine every aspect of our life back in the UK. 
After repeated visits we decided to give ourselves a base in Kefalonia by way of a holiday rental property on the Paliki. Even in these difficult times we are still investing in this island and spend more and more time in Kefalonia but still with our main base in the UK as we wouldn't wish to spoil the magic of the arrival each time we visit.
Usually we drive to Kefalonia via Italy and for anybody with time the trip is both satisfying and enjoyable with ferries that are more like cruise ships than cross channel ferries.
February 2012


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